Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

[Photo] CNBLUE Message to Boice



Yonghwa: The promotion activities of our full album First Step has ended! Because of the great love all of you have given us, we’re so happy! Please love ‘Heartstrings’ a lot! We’ll be back with even better music?

Jonghyun: The Love Girl activities this time have received so much love too. Thank you. Will repay you with good music. Guitar Freak Jonghyun.

Minhyuk: During this album promotion period, you’ve been supporting and loving us as usual. Thank you! We’ll show you the even more awesome us in front of you! I love you Boice.

Jungshin: Everybody! Since Intuition to Love Girl! Thank you for your lots of support! All because of Boice, the activities this time have been so much fun and happy! Please support our coming activities too! Be healthy! You’ve work so hard!!

Source: cnblue.co.kr
Translations by klaritia@twitter
via Chinese translation by karekano @ weibo
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