Selasa, 13 September 2011

[Video/Watched] Lee hongki at "noriko goes to Seoul" [no sub/RAW]

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[News/Video] CN BLUE perform a fantastic opening act for Linkin Park

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Rock band CNBLUE perform flawlessly for Linkin Park‘s opening act.
CNBLUE were chosen as the only group to open for the world famous band Linkin Park in Japan Makuhari Messe on the 10th.
On this day the band have performed the songs ‘Let’s Go Crazy’, ‘Now or Never’, ‘Love’, ‘Intuition’, and two other songs for a total of 7 songs. The captivating performance was something to behold.
The concert goers all chanted “CNBLUE!” and they sang along with the band.
After their opening act was over the members have stated, “It feels like a dream that we have opened for Linkin Park. We were nervous at first because we were having an opening act in Japan, but the audiences were so supportive and fantastic we got our energy and confidence from them. We are truly happy”.
CNBLUE are currently riding high with their number one album ’392′ retaining its top spot on the Oricon Indie Weekly Chart.
Credits : Nate + Bravetears YT Via : K-idol

[Update] JKS at twitter (110911-110912)

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JKS: Don’t need to worry about me, I’m all right, I’m fine!

I’m Virus Superman~~ Hello

Now I completely understand … drank wine with hyde-san and he gave me a present, which is eye infection…. -_- I cannot see … but … who am I and where am I?
现在我全看明白了….哎呀 和hyde桑喝酒 还送了个礼物给我 就是针眼….-_- 看不见了…不过…我是谁这里又是哪里…

I…. am meeting a guy ….

This is the young liver!!!! Er!!!!!

Credits : Sukbar

[Video/Watched] Park Shin Hye "Hayate The Combat Butler" EP. 12 (eng.sub Soft)

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Credits ; Kimchidramas