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[News] CNBLUE places No. 5 on Gaon Album Chart for the first half of 2011

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Source: Gaon Album ChartVia : A@cnbluestorm
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On July 7th, Gaon Chart released the album sales figures for the First Half of 2011.
Results showed that DBSK placed first with over 230,000 in total sales.
While CNBLUE “First Step” grabbed fifth place with sales over 93,000 albums in total sales.
CNBLUE “First Step +1 Thank You” album that was dedicated to Boice sold over 28,000 and places on No. 18.
CNBLUE Mini Album that were released last year ;“Bluelove” placed on No 26 with over 20,000 total album sales and “Bluetory” placed on No 41 with over 15,000 total album sales alone this year.

                               Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking for the First Half of 2011

[NEWS] CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa, Ranked Number 2 as ‘Artist People Want To Go To Rock Festival With’

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Source: Nate News http://news.nate.com/view/20110706n07832
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara
Via  L@cnbluestorm

n June 13-July 1, Sports Brand, K.Swiss, conducted a survey for its site’s visitors titled, “Artists You Want To Go To Rock Festival With,” on its blog (http://blog.naver.com/kswisslove),where 31.3% of the respondents selected Sandara Park.
At number two “Rock n’ roll baby that would suit well in the Rock Festival,” with 18% is rock band CNBLUE’s leader, Jung YongHwa, and in third place is “Free-spirited and passionate style that goes well in the Rock Festival” Jang Geun-Seok with 16.8% of the respondents’ votes.

[News] JKS Cri Show in Seoul

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Tree-J twitter:

“JKS Cri Show in Seoul” will be held on 7 August at Olympics Hall. As the final stop in the Asia Tour, hope that eels will take note of this.
Shared by: Sukbar
@张根硕贴吧官方微博:treej推特更新:<张根硕亚洲巡演 Cri Show in 首尔>将于2011年8月7日在奥林匹克Hall举行。作为亚洲巡演的压轴场,希望各位鳗鱼对首尔Cri Show多多关注!!^^Ticket Linking – yes24

[Picture+Video] JKS at Airport Shanghai for CRishow

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[Update Twitter] JKS at Tree-J twitter

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칠월칠석이군요..다들 소원이 뭐에요??나의 소원은....소원이 열가지로 늘어서 다 이루어지는것 笑ㅋㅋ아니면..까치들이 오작교 만들어줘서 장어랑 프린스가 바로 만나는것 꺄~~!!! 상해에서 만나!빠이크리. By근석

Google Trans : What's a ... I wish Tanabata? My wish .... wish it made thermoplastic lined Giro 笑 closing in. .. ㅋ ㅋahnimyeon ohjakgyo Magpie for making the Prince immediately meet u eel screams ~~!!! See u in Shanghai! Bye cri. By Keun Suk

Bye cri..!! And hi cri!! by근석

[News] Jang Geun-seok earns 40 billion won in Japan

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Source : news.nate.com
Translated by www.hancinema.net
Shared by: Farina via JKSforever

There has been a prospect that Jang Geun-seok will record a sales of more than 3 billion Yen (40 billion won ~ US$40 million).
According to the Japanese evening paper Nitkangendai, “Jang Geun-seok is expected to earn more than 3 billion Yen just this year with commercials, music sales, concert tickets, photo collections, character sales and more”.
“Jang Geun-seok has received eight hundred million won for the Santori Seoul Makgolli commercial and is about to step over Bae Yong-joon. He will get more than a billion won for 1 commercial next year and there are several companies waiting in line to work with him”.
Active in acting, music and other areas, Jang Geun-seok put up a sales of more than a hundred and twenty thousand copies with his single album “Let Me Cry” which was released on the 27th of April and took first place of the Oricon Charts for the first time as a foreigner. Also, his photo collection J Plus which was released on the 27th of June went over five hundred thousand copies in pre-order alone and is getting explosive response. Therefore, Nitkangendai estimates him to earn more than 8 billion won in music and photo sales alone.
Jang Geun-seok will start his Japanese tour in Budokan at the later end of this year. An income of about 17 billion won is estimated for tickets sales, souvenirs and others. Nitkangendai estimated, “Souvenirs alone should make a hundred million Yen”.
Meanwhile, Jang Geun-seok has been chosen to model for the popular Japanese magazine ‘MEN’S NON-NO’ and proved his popularity in Japan. He has also modeled for the Japanese weekly magazine ‘An An’ continuously selling out and making the record of selling more than two hundred and eighty copies.

[Picture+Video] JKS at W_Bague Cartier CF

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