Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Jang Geunsuk and DJ Big Brother to debut as unit group "Team H" in Japan

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After a successful solo debut in Japan early 2011 with "Let Me Cry", Jang Geunsuk is set to release a project mini album together with DJ Big Brother. They're named after "Hanyang", the university they met.

Under the name of "Team H", the two will be revealing a Japanese version of their earlier release Taiwanese mini album "Lounge H Vol.1" on March 21st. The Japanese version will be given a total renewal with new tracks, new packaging and fresh artwork.

The album consists of electronic dance songs, and will have the much anticipated "Gotta Getcha" as one of its tracks. The actor turned singer performed the song last year during his "Tokyo Dome Tour" Concert.

Will you be anticipating this new release?

・Gotta Getcha
・Shake it!
・Shake it! (Japanese Version)
+ unreleased Taiwanese song "Gaman suru Dake Gaman shita"

Source: HMV Japan and Oricon
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