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[Video Fancam] FT.ISLAND at Korean Music Wave Singapore 2011

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(KMW 2011 Fancam )

(Activity Fancam )

FT. Island Sing Hello-Hello,Love Love Love,bingbingbing,I Hope

[Twitter Update] JKS from TreeJ twitter

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Tree-J twitter:
JKS is now practising dance for “You’re my Pet”! The lower end of his shirt is missing!!!!! Tomorrow is the filming of the performance scene, cheers for those who come from Japan!


Tree-J twitter:
JKS has been filming YMP together with eels this morning, because it’s a happy day with eels, so his mood is very good ^^ Please let me see the power of eels!! Fighting!

Tree-J twitter:
If eels have a change of heart, will remove its bones and organs, and put them on a stick to grill over charcoal fire!! Curry-man and Eel-man has already started preparation…!!

[News] JKS endorses Japanese Lawson convenience store

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15 July 2011 – Lawson, Frau International and Tree-J Company have reached an agreement for popular Korean actor Jang Keun Suk to become Lawson’s product ambassador for the year. Lawson will emphasize products such as its desserts brand “Uchi CafĂ© Sweets” and its representative, the high-end egg-roll cake, as well as its cold bento made with fresh vegetables, in order to expand its female clientele.
Jang Keun Suk, with his gender-neuter looks and personal charm, has gained high popularity amongst Japanese women. It is expected that the contract-signing with JKS and the subsequent promotional events will attract more lady customers. For the one-year period, JKS will appear in TV commercials and supplementary promotional events such as exclusive product launch.
Contract contents:
- 2 TV commercials a year
- Promotional sales events at Lawson outlets nation-wide (8,974 outlets as of end June 2011, excluding “Lawson 100” and “Shop 99”) will use JKS as its image ambassador
- Involved in promotion of limited and exclusive Lawson products, as well as product development with various manufacturers
Brief Bio of JKS
DOB: 4 Aug 1987
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 62 cm
Blood type: A

[News] CNN flies to Korea to see new-generation Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk

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In order to see the glamour of the new-generation Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk, even the CNN from America has sent out its troops.
On 16 July, American and Japanese mainstream media such as CNN, Fuji TV and Tokyo Communications will be sending their reporters to the filming set of “You’re my Pet” to do on-the-scene reporting.
Such a big batch of foreign media coming to visit a Korean-produced movie set in Korea is quite rare. This is also indirect evidence of JKS surpassing Bae Yong-joon’s status as the new-generation Hallyu star.
This year in March, JKS attended this movie’s press conference in Japan. The filming had not yet started then, but tickets (to the press conference) were all sold out.
According to sources, upon strong requests from foreign media, the YMP filming team then decided to hold an open-filming press conference at Incheon, and all along, there have been various requests from Korean media to interview JKS too, so they will take this opportunity to grant all such requests.
After having ended his Shanghai Cri Show and returned to Korea, JKS said that “there have been many interview requests from the media, but my schedule was too tight to make these arrangements. This is a very good opportunity and I will accept interviews responsibly.”
“You’re my Pet” uses a comedic line to tell of the romantic story of a boyfriend being treated like a pet. The plot is rather uncommon in Korea, but the original manga series was popular in Japan. Kang Eun-ho (acted by JKS) is a pet-like guy who is professional dancer turned musical actor. The movie will be aired in the later half of this year.

[Video/Watched] Heartstring Ep 6 (Full)(Hardsub)

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