Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

[Twitter Update] JKS from TreeJ twitter

Source : treeJ_company twitter,Keunsukchina
Translate English : @appharel77
Via : JKSforever
Reposted : chochocherry @anjell_indo


Tree-J twitter:
JKS is now practising dance for “You’re my Pet”! The lower end of his shirt is missing!!!!! Tomorrow is the filming of the performance scene, cheers for those who come from Japan!


Tree-J twitter:
JKS has been filming YMP together with eels this morning, because it’s a happy day with eels, so his mood is very good ^^ Please let me see the power of eels!! Fighting!

Tree-J twitter:
If eels have a change of heart, will remove its bones and organs, and put them on a stick to grill over charcoal fire!! Curry-man and Eel-man has already started preparation…!!

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