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Selamat Hari Lebaran A.N.JELLs

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Mewakili teman-teman admin ANJELL INDONESIA baik di BLOG,,TWITTER maupun FACEBOOK..
kami ingin mengucapkan :

"Selamat Hari Lebaran“ \(^.^)/
:: 단식 축제 일 축하 합니다 ( dansik chukje il chukha hamnida ) ::

Minal aidin wal faidzin, Mohon maaf lahir & bathin


Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

[Audio/Listen ] CNBlue “Man in Front of The Mirror” Preview (392 album)

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Credits : http://www.myspace.com/cnbluejp + FNCMUSICJAPAN
Via : BOICE2012YT

【CNBLUE】From 『392』album that will release on Sept 1, 「Man in front of the Mirror」preview can start to listen! It’s up at Official Myspace, please check it →http://myspace.com/cnbluejp  

Here is the tracklist (There are 11 tracks for this album and three of them are new songs).
  1. The Way part2 ~Ready N Go~
  2. The Way part1 ~one time~
  3. Man in front of the Mirror
  4. Try Again,Smile Again
  5. Lie
  6. The Way part3 ~eclipse~
  7. Illusion 
  8. Don’t say good bye
  9. I don’t know why
  10. Coward 
  11. Kimio

[Update] Lee Hong Ki twitter “Noriko, goes to Seoul” +Poster (110828)

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Credits : Yuki_ki + FTLyrics + LiaHongki@primindo+ skullhong (1) + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)
Via : K-Idol

Skullhong 드라마촬영끝!!감독님,스텝모든분들 같이연기하신 연기자분들 다카시마레이코상 다들 너무 수고많이하셨습니다!!!좋은 드라마가 되길^^~

Translation: Drama filming completed!! Director, all our staff, cast members and Takashima Reiko-san, it’s been hard on all of you!!! Hope for the success of the drama^^~

[News] YMP filming ends

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Shared by: neineilove
Source: Japan 《サンスポSANSPO》newspapers

Via : JKSforever

29 Aug 2011 – The filming of “You’re my Pet” (YMP) concluded yesterday and it will be in cinemas in Korea in November this year, and in Japan in January next year, and the lead actor / actress will go to Japan for promotion. Filming in Ibaraki had to be abandoned because of Japan’s Great Eastern Earthquake, and the two leads expressed that their hope that this movie can bring spirit and courage to everyone.

This movie shows Jang Keun Suk’s masculine side as well as many adorable aspects, and Kim Ha Neul added that YMP is a movie that would make people long for such a “pet” at least once in their lifetime.
日本 《サンスポSANSPO》报,今早讯:(译)《宠物情人》昨天拍摄结束。由韩流SART @张根硕 主演的电影《宠物情人》将于来年1月在日本上映。因为东日本大地震余波不得不放弃了日本外景的该片二位主演表示:希望这部作品能带给大家“元气”和“勇气”。 主演@张根硕 :将向大家展示很男人味的一面和许多可爱的一面。主演金荷娜:这将是一部任何人看了都会想一生哪怕一次,要拥有这样的宠物的电影。(图片为日本サンズポ报首发)

[Update] JKS at twitter +weibo (110827-110829)

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Wah, going crazy, hahahaha, why is brother Joong Ki by my side??? After Chocoball after-party ended….. Ah! We are absolutely not gay …. -_- ;;; wake up!!!!
哇 疯了 呵呵呵呵呵 为什么钟基哥在我旁边???巧克力球after party结束后……啊!我们绝对不是gay哦….-_-;;;wake up!!!!

Credits : sukbar
Via : JKSforever

The Porsche car team is resting in the living room …. talking about car-related topics for 5 hours … ah … how many days already without a rest …..?


chopper, I am also the host here.
                 乔巴!!!!!!我也是这里的主人!!!초……..퍼!!!!!!나도 여기선 주인이라고!!!

[Video/Watched] Park Shin Hye "Hayate The Combat Butler" Ep 10 (eng.sub Soft)

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Credits : EP.Drama


Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

110825 Park Shin Hye at Stop Hunger event

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[NEWS& PHOTO] Park Shin Hye stops hunger with KFHI

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LSM Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) Duta Park Shin Hye dan Jung Tae Woo bergabung menjadi volunteer untuk mempromosikan kampanye bantuan makanan tahunan KFHI .

2011 KFHI kampanye bantuan makanan tahunan
global, "STOP KELAPARAN 'acara promosi diadakan dari 11:50 ke 1:30 di Myeongdong, Seoul hari ini. Tujuan dari kampanye ini adalah untuk 'memerangi kelaparan dan kemiskinan ekstrim' dengan meningkatkan kesadaran akan masalah kelaparan dan internasional untuk mempromosikan penggalangan dana bantuan untuk semua lapisan dan personil masyarakat.

Park Shin Hye dan Jung Tae Woo membuat bola nasi di tengah Myeongdong hari ini untuk mengumpulkan dana untuk kampanye. Warga bisa merasakan masakan idolanya dengan menyumbangkan 5.000 won untuk "STOP KELAPARAN".

Selain itu, Shin Hye berpartisipasi dalam upacara tangan pencetakan untuk memperingati acara tersebut.

Kampanye "STOP KELAPARAN 'berjalan dari 1 Agustus-31 Oktober. Kampanye memiliki target mengurangi 1% dari populasi dunia yang hidup dalam kemiskinan ekstrim.

Sementara itu, Hari Pangan Dunia internasional 2011, yang diselenggarakan oleh PBB, akan dimulai pada 15 Oktober. Korea akan merayakan hari itu dengan menyediakan 100.000 kit makanan untuk berbagai negara dunia ketiga seperti Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ekuador, Tajikistan, dll

Credits : PSH_IFC
translate and re-post : Anjell_indo
take a fill credits

CNBlue Man In Front Of The Mirror (30sec ver.)

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[VIDEO] Jung Yong Hwa for The Suit House – Fan Signing Event 08/26

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By: D@cnbluestorm

Reposted from: The Suit House, CNBlackYong on @Twitter

Video reposted from: jyhlej@youtube, thank you to 0129anne @Twitter for the tip

Repost : Anjell_indo

Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk bring in 60,000 fans for ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ drama concert

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Performing to the cheers of a whopping 60,000-member audience, actors Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk caused a frenzy in Japan with their drama concert for ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night‘.

The concert was held on August 18th and 23rd in Tokyo and Osaka respectively, and Moon Geun Young’s official homepage was recently updated with new official pictures from the scene. Also attended by cast members Kim Hyo Jin and Park Sang Myun, the concerts re-created scenes straight from the drama.

Moon Geun Young made sure to check over everything in rehearsals and even learned the proper greeting dialect when in Osaka. The drama concert certainly brought a new dimension to the Hallyu wave, proving that dramas are still just as strong as K-Pop music.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver
credit : allkpop

[News] JKS come to guest appearance in Japanese “You are Beautiful”

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English subs: Aphrael77 JangKeunSukForever
Credits: Sukbar+
Source: Innolife

Jang Keun Suk made a guest appearance in the Japanese version of “You are Beautiful” (YAB).
TBS is making a re-make of YAB which has shot JKS to popularity, and JKS showed his support through his guest appearance.
His first time acting in a Japanese drama, JKS’s lines in Japanese were delivered smoothly and accurately, which showed that he did lots of practice. In the face of long Japanese lines, he did not NG. For scenes that were acceptable, even if the director asked to re-shoot, JKS complied without any words of complaint. His professionalism earned him the respect and admiration of Japanese fellow workers.
The Japanese A.N.Jell members commented that “JKS’ acting skill was really very dashing”, and they had a happy time on the shoot.
JKS did not accept any payment for his guest appearance. He expressed his hope that “the performance fee can be used for the filming of the drama” and declined to accept the performance fee offered by the production team.
JKS will be starring as the male lead in director Yun Seok-ho’s “Love Rain” tentatively scheduled to air in September.
Trailer Ikemen Desune with JangKeunsuk

[Update Twitter] JKS at Tree-J + Weibo [110825]

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At the filming scene of “You’re my Pet”, 400 kg polar bear in the performance but there is something familiar … the camera keeps filming me hehehehehe
宠物情人拍摄现场 北极400公斤的熊出演 但是有眼熟的…照相机一直在拍我 呵呵呵呵呵呵

Credits : Sukbar
Via : Apharell77+JKSforever

Er er er er er —– a busy day playing with my owner

The memory of being on the chartered plane … was very scared in the beginning, but fell asleep drooling k k k k
乘坐专机的回忆…开始怕的要死,竟然留着口水睡着了k k k k
전세기의 추억…완전 쫄아있다가 침흘리고 잠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

[Video/Watched] Fancam CN.Blue and FT. Island Airport and live at HK Boys Power

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Credits : Wingya,Jpromboice,jijotcool,kwan214



Credits : itw0412


credits ; toffelyli913,Priwing,

[Video/Watched] CN.Nlue at Mezamashi live

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Credits : Yonghwa0203

[Video/Watched] Fancam Play! FTIsland Concert

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Credits : Hongstar-maniac + pachiyuhi0421@YouTube + Music-Hong + mmiink@YouTube

[Picture] Lee Hongki “Noriko, Goes to Seoul” Part 2 (110823)

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credits ; KBS + lindy81826 + LiaHongki@primindo
Via : k-idol

[Update] Lee Hong Ki twitter on “Noriko, goes to Seoul” filming (110823)

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credits : skullhongtwitter+ying1005@withtreasure(translation)
Via : k-idol

skullhong “@KBS_drama: [추석특집극] <노리코, 서울에 가다!> 9월 10일 토요일 밤 11시 20분 방송됩니다.”

Translation: “@KBS_drama: [Chuseok Special Show] <Noriko, Goes to Seoul!> will air on 10 Sep, Saturday at 11.20pm.”

[Update] JKS Twitter and Weibo (110824-110825)

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This is a chartered flight!!! But frankly speaking, I was a bit scared… Gun-sama scared me by saying that small planes jolt a lot… but I fell asleep, drooling … -_-
이것이 전세기다!!!!근데 솔직히 쫄았음..건사마가 작은비행기 많이 흔들린다고 겁줬음.. 근데 침흘리면서 잤다-_-

Shared : Sukbar / KSC
Via : apharell77+JKSforever

[Tree-J twitter]
These fierce brothers who have protected me for the past 8 days, bye cri… a pity that we could not take the chartered plane together … you’re very healthy now but still I hope you’ll take care
这8天里保护我这个家伙的凶凶的大哥们,bye cri。。没能一起坐专机好可惜。。即使现在很健康还是希望你们保重

Hahahahahahaha it’s too funny. Early morning, I laughed until my stomach hurt. hehehehe
噗哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 太搞笑了 一大早开始肚子都笑痛了 呵呵呵呵
푸하하하핳ㅎ하라 왕웃겨 아침부터 배잡네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Click this link to the animated gif done by a Chinese eel.

Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

[Picture] Scan 『美男<イケメン>ですね』公式写真集 You're Beautiful TJMOOK Photobook

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Credits : Park shin Hye International fans Club
Scan : Mee

I MISS U ANJELL and You're Beautifull  ^^