Selasa, 22 November 2011

[News] F.T. Island achieves #1 on 4 Taiwanese music charts

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Credits : allkpop
Source + Photo: Osen

F.T. Island has dominated 4 music charts in Taiwan recently with their ‘Memory in F.T. Island’ remake album.
The boys ranked #1 for the ‘Best K-Pop Album’ category on various Taiwanese music sites like G Music and FIVE music, Kuangnan Record, and MTV music chart. They also ranked #2 on mobile ringtone site eMOME in their K-Pop category as well.
Hearing the news, the members stated, “We heard the news that we placed 1st on 4 charts in Taiwan… We want to thank our Taiwanese fans who always show love for each album we release.”
This isn’t the first time for F.T. Island to achieve such a feat. They previously ranked #1 across 5 Taiwanese music charts with their mini-album, ‘Hello Hello’.
In related news, F.T. Island will be holding their encore concerts on November 26th and 27th at Seoul’s Blue Square.