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[NEWS] Park Shin Hye menjadi Wakil Korea dalam TGC Girl Collection 2012 di Shanghai

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Aktris Park Shin Hye berpartisipasi dalam acara "2012 TGC Girl Collection in Shanghai" sebagai perwakilan Korea. Dia juga mendapatkan kehormatan berjalan di atas runway sebagai model utama yang mempresentasikan Korea dalam acara tersebut. Selain Shin Hye, ada beberapa selebritis lainnya, seperti Sasaki Nojomi, dan w-inds dari Jepang, Xianchi dari Hongkong, dan Kunling dari Taiwan.

TGC Girls Collection merupakan acara yang mengkombinasikan musik dan fashion untuk mempromosikan pertukaran budaya dan kreasi trend baru antara Korea, China dan Jepang. Acara kali ini merupakan acara tahun kedua TGC Girls Collection, mengikuti kesuksesan pertunjukan pertama di Beijing tahun lalu. Park Shin Hye juga ikut berpartisipasi sebagai model utama di Beijing. 

Fans dari China memenuhi arena untuk menyaksikan Park Shin Hye dalam acara ini.  Dia sukses mendapatkan perhatian banyak orang dengan kecantikannya dan berjalan di runway dengan percaya diri seolah-olah ia merupakan model profesional. Fans tidak dapat melepaskan pandangan dan terus bersorak untuknya. 

Sumber resmi dari TGC Girl Collection berkomentar, "Park Shin Hye sekali lagi melebihi harapan kami. Dia dikagumi di Asia karena kecantikan, bakat, dan fashion.  Dia menjadi dewasa sejak tahun lalu dan kami salut atas kecantikan dan sukses menjadi model utama".

Agency Park Shin Hye, 4HIM Entertainment berkomentar, "Penampilan ini menunjukkan pesona Park Shin Hye tanpa harus mengekang dirinya sendiri. Ini adalah kehormatan bagi kami, sama halnya dengan ia, untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam TGC Girl Collection sebagai model utama"

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[PICTURE] Hongki's expressions ~

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dear anjells,
Here's some expressions of Lee Hong Ki.. Which one is your favorite ?

What are you looking, Hongki oppa?~

keep smiling like that oppa~

cant say anything~ he's so handsome~

you wanna hear us screaming? yeaaaah~

dont bite your mouth like that! so cute~

dont be so serious, hongkiyaa~ ^^

Daum + lizha@hongjaebiased, Idolsisa,, LiaHongki46@primindo

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[NEWS] Jang Geun Suk opens a promotional cafe in Shibuya for his ‘Lounge H’ album release

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Jang Geun Suk is always looking for unique ideas to promote himself worldwide. His next collaborative Japanese mini-album with Big Brother, “Lounge H The First Impression“, is no exception. This time he’s gone all out with the launching of a new cafe to promote its release!

Scheduled for release on March 21st, the actor revealed that he will be opening up a cafe specifically for the album’s release to create a unique experience for his fans. The cafe is in collaboration with ‘Tower Records‘ and is situated on the streets of Shibuya. The promotional event will run from March 19th through the 25th.

Fans that purchase his mini-album will receive limited ‘Lounge H’ cash and a discount on the ‘Lounge H Original Menu’ once they visit the cafe. The cafe itself is decked out in music videos and audio of Jang Geun Suk and will play his new album’s songs as BGM. Through a lottery, fans can also win the chance to receive ‘Team H’ specialized napkins, coasters, and panels.

The album is a special one, as Jang Geun Suk worked on everything from the music selection, music video, and outfit concepts. “Lounge H The First Impression” is comprised of 10 total tracks.

cr: allkpop

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[News] KBS “Love Rain” official site opened

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Credits: KBS
Via : JangkeunSukForever
KBS2 will start broadcasting “Love Rain” at 21:55 on March 26. And the official site finally opened. Unfortunately the contents are all Korean, so I can’t figure out the original fully. But the content looks nice, so I’ll try to share them little by little… (Sorry some parts are still Korean)
KBS “Love Rain” official site
Love has two faces, happiness and sadness.
Happiness and sadness… contrasting factors exist as unity only in love.
It’s a miracle.
–  Saint-Exupéry “Landscape with love” –
Love is as beautiful as dazzle.
Love is as sad as heartbreaker.
You may shed tears while you’re so happy.
You may find happiness while you’re sad.
Love is similar to rain.
Rain falls equally when you’re happy or sad.
On rainy days, you feel happy in the warmth of being together.
On rainy days, tears fill your eyes to recall when you were lonely.
When it rains, the memories of love, happiness and sadness, are awaken in you.
In this drama, we’re trying to use “rain” to describe “love” which has similar properties.
Beyond generations, both in 1970s and in 2012…
There is a loved one.
There is rain equally.
There is love with happiness and sadness has just started.
There is love in past.
There is love in present.
We’re trying to describe it as the combination of them.
왁자지껄 시끄러운 거리, 쉴 새 없이 돌아가는 일상 속에서
아주 잠시나마 가만히 눈을 감고 창밖의 빗소리를 들으며 누군가를 떠올리듯
이 바쁘고 숨 가쁜 걸음을 한 템포 늦추어 보는 건 어떨까요?
이 드라마는
예쁜 꽃에 물을 주는 꽃집 아가씨처럼,
비오는 오후 감미로운 음악을 들려주는 레코드점 아저씨처럼
늦은 밤 지친 우리에게 따스한 국물을 한 국자 더 퍼 담아 주시는
정겨운 식당 할머니처럼 우리 삶에 따뜻한 하나의 쉼표가 되고자 합니다.
푸석푸석한 현실에 촉촉한 단비 같은 아름다운 사랑이야기로
감성적 카타르시스와 따스한 위안을 주는 그런 드라마를 보여주고자 합니다.
시대가 달라져도
세대가 바뀌어도
사람이 변해가도
사랑은 여전히 끌림, 떨림, 홀림으로 사람들의 마음을 움직입니다.
클래식하고 감성적인 러브스토리와
트렌디한 감각이 함께 어우러진
소비하는 드라마가 아닌 간직하는 드라마를 만들고자 합니다.
As long as there are people who love and whom you love in the world,
we believe our drama will be a beautiful and warm one.
Love at first sight
Suddenly, my heart began to beat like crazy
I’ve missed her several times a day
I had fallen in love before I knew it

[Video/Watched] 120221 Team H Special Live [Full English]

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English subs: tenshi_akuma
Via : JangKeunSukForever
*How to watch: See the comment below