Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

New preview of Jang Geun Suk & YoonA’s drama ‘Love Rain’ revealed

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On December 31st, a small preview of the upcoming drama ‘Love Rain‘ starring Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation member YoonA aired during the ’2011 KBS Drama Awards’.

Jang Geun Suk plays the dual role of a handsome ’70s art student named ‘Seo In Ha’, and his son in the year 2012, a free-spirited photographer named ‘Seo Jun’. YoonA, on the other hand, also has a dual role playing the innocent ’70s campus goddess ‘Kim Yoon Hee’, as well as her daughter in 2012, ‘Hana’. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee fall in love in college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never be. Their children, Seo Jun and Hana meet by fate and they also fall in love. Will history repeat itself or will Seo Jun and Hana go down a different path?

The drama was exported for $9 million USD to Japan and is scheduled to air through KBS2 some time in 2012.

Check out the preview below!

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