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Interview Japanese Magazine Pia Mook’s Interview with President Han of FNC Music

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FNC Music's CEO, Han SeongHo
Q: What qualities are required to be an artist? What determines the success or failure of a  rookie?
A: Not having a mindset of wanting to be a famous person, but  as an artist who has serious attitude toward music. I see many people who came to audition, they don’t want to do music, but they just want to be celebrity. In this case, they lack seriousness toward music, so they can’t endure the long training period. Even though they make a debut, their passion and ability are not enough, so their popularity will fall in a short time.
I think what more important is, not the thought of being a celebrity, but a true heart to do music, and an attitude which they try to find themselves through this effort. Of course moral maturity is required too. They are artists, public figures, they should be the role model to the general public. So moral sincerity is very important.
Q: What are your requests to artists? What should they keep in mind?
A: After the debut, and become popular, they need to do self-improvement. The effort to be better artist is required. I have seen some artists, who made great success, eventually failed because they didn’t make any more effort (to be better). They could be making a short success by luck, but without steady effort, people’s interest and love will be disappeared in no time.
Artists not only must have serious attitude and effort (towards their music), but also as role models in their private lives, because people love them and are interested (with their lives). Sometimes, there are people who are mistaken that artists are individuals who have cold behavior or lack of common sense. But I believe that true great artist should be a role model not only in music but also in life.
Q: What do you want to say to young people who wants to be K-POP singer?
A: If you want to be a singer, first you must love music, and be absorbed in music. Then other things, such as popularity, wealth or honor will follow you. If you’re interested more in popularity other than music itself, you’re already out of success.
Don’t follow the trend, worry about what is your own individuality and color, and develop it. What you would like to do, what you can do well, find that out and keep practicing it.
Not only in Korea, but also in foreign countries, artists who are loved for a long time, are those who have their own strong color.You play the music that you like, then your own color is made, then people who love your color will become your fans.
Q: About FNC Music artists
A: In our company, there are FT Island, CNBLUE and Juniel who won number one in an audition and is now performing in Japan. FT Island made debut when they were middle school or high school students. They practiced musical instruments while others practiced dance. CNBLUE performed in Japan as an indie band when they were trainees, then they debuted in Korea.
Other training teams are the same. This is our company’s unique process of training. Different from other singers, bands need a lot of stage experience. So indie band experience is mandatory. There are some talks as to why they had to perform as indie band in Japan, but I think it’s important to have that “indie” experience in Japan where various bands are active, before their debut in Korea.
Some people criticize that how a band belonged to a management company can be considered as “indie”. But in order to gain experience as an indie band in foreign country, our company didn’t support anything except very basic things.
In that situation, just like other Japanese bands, they practice by themselves, move by themselves with musical instruments and equipments.
They performed on streets and in clubs, which was nothing different from other bands. For example, once they were arrested by the police during street performance, later a staff went there to take them out.
And once, CNBLUE said they were invited to a club concert, so we were very happy to hear that. But actually there were only 10 people including all musicians and audience. I think because they had this much stage experiences, they have shown the image of a matured band when they debuted in Korea.
In Korea, the public people don’t know well about band music, so we had hard time to remove their prejudice. All bands in our company play instruments by themselves in recording. But still people doubt about it.
If they didn’t have this basic performing skill, they could not have performed hundreds of times in concerts in Japan. I hope this system and strategy of our company are judged correctly some day. Until then, we are still working hard.

Source: Daum Blog
Translated by: Saturn @ soompi
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