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[NEWS] Heartstrings <넌 내게 반했어> Shorten to 15 Episodes

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credits : ParkshinHyeInternationalforum

MBC has announced that Heartstrings <넌 내게 반했어> will end at episode 15.

Several days ago, the director of the drama discussed with Star News saying that "Heartstrings will be a 15 episode drama."

Heartstrings's actress Park Shin Hye was hospitalized earlier due to a car accident which cause a setback on the continual filming of the drama. Park Shin Hye demonstrated her fighting spirit by going back to work soon after to continue filming but due to severe pain, she was eventually forced to take a week's rest.

MBC had then broadcast a special in place of episode 8 which was scheduled to be broadcast the same week as episode 7. The special was a collection of scenes from episode 1 to episode 7. Because of this, the drama is behind one episode, thus reducing the original 16 episodes to a 15 episode drama which will broadcast its final episode on August 18th. 

Nevertheless, Heartstrings has been bought by eight different countries including the United States, Japan, and China and will be broadcast there.

In regard to episodes overseas, the drama may be edited to be 12 episodes or 20 episodes or any number of episodes befitting that country. 

Heartstrings is a college drama about hopes and dreams of youth, of first love. Park Shin Hye and CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa are in the limelight as two of Hallyu's brightest stars. 

The rights of the drama was bought by the US, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan even before the broadcast of the series.

[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa holds exclusive mini concert for Park Shin Hye

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Credits : ParkShinHye International Forum 

CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa holds exclusive mini concert for Park Shin Hye.

In drama 'Heartstrings, Jung Yonghwa's character Lee Shin will hold a surprise concert to comfort girlfriend Lee Gyu Won (starring Park Shin Hye). Gyu Won is in danger because of the evil schemes Heeju and her mother are plotting against her. To protect Gyu Won and to show his love and care for her, Lee Shin decides to sing his heart out for her at a mini concert. 

The surprise concert will feature a 'comfort song'  (위로송). The song will create buzz as much as the song Lee Shin used to confess his true feelings to Gyu Won - Jason Mraz's 'Lucky'. It will convey Shin's warm love for Gyu Won in times of difficulty. The concert will be aired in Episode 12 and 13 of the drama. 

Staff of the drama says: 'The concert is scripted to fit the progressing plotline of the story. Not only Gyu Won, but all the girls will fall for Jung Yonghwa's handsome performance. Please look forward to the support Lee Shin and Gyu Won show to each other in times of difficulty, and how they protect their love and dreams as part of their growth.'

Yesterday night, FTisland's Lee Hongki visited the set of Heartstrings and Shinhye tweeted the happy meeting:

늦은시간에도 불구하고 응원와준 반짝반짝홍스타야~고마워T^T감동이야...!! 역시 의리쟁이!!! 짧은 만남이 아쉽지만.. 공연보러갈게!!!! 드라마 끝나고 볼링한게임 고고~~!!
Trans: Shiny shiny Hongstar visited despite the late night~Thank you T^T So touched...!! friendship!!! Sad that the meeting was brief.. will go to concerts!!!! Let's go bowling after drama filming ends~~Go Go!!! 

[Video/Watched] FTIsland at Mezamashi Live

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[News] FTIsland Created a New Record in Japan, Once Again

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Credits : Newsen + ying1005@withtreasures
Via : K-idol
Indonesia translate : chochocherry 

FTIsland created a new record in Japan, increasing their level of popularity in the country.
FTIsland performed on Fuji TV Mezamashi Live on 7 August for their first time and had the greatest number of audience since Mezamashi Live started. Though the audience capacity has been capped at 2,000 pax, a total of 40,000 people applied for entry to the show to catch the band’s performance.
They had about 10,000 fans gathered at Mezamashi Live, breaking the record of 8,000, previously held by Big Bang.
The band started the live with their latest single “Let it go”, followed by hit titles including “Flower Rock”, “Brand-new days”, “Boom Boom Boom” and many others, captivating the crowd with their performance.
FTIsland broke several records in Japan lately. Being the first overseas group of artiste to be ranked first on the Oricon weekly chart for their first album, they also held a sold out concert tour in 5 cities, followed by a solo Budokan concert, whereby tickets were snapped up completely within 2 minutes*.
On the other hand, FTIsland will be holding solo concerts at Ax-Korea on the coming 20 and 21 August. After which, they will embark on an Asia tour.
* Other news source stated 12 minutes.
Indonesia translate 
FTIsland baru- baru ini menciptakan rekor baru di Jepang, dengan meningkatkan tingkat popularitasnya di negeri tersebut.

FTIsland pertama kali melakukannya di siaran langsung di  Fuji TV Mezamashi pada 7 Agustus 2011 dan mereka memiliki jumlah penonton terbesar sejak Mezamashi mulai mengudara . Meskipun kapasitas penonton telah dibatasi pada level 2000 orang , tetapi total yang ingin mengikuti acara ini dan melihat penampilan band ini mencapai 40.000 orang.

Mereka memiliki sekitar 10.000 penggemar yang datang pada acara Mezamashi Live, Mereka telah memecahkan memecahkan rekor penonton  8.000 orang , yang sebelumnya dipegang oleh Big Bang.

Band ini memulai performance mereka dengan single terbaru mereka "Let it Go", diikuti dengan lagu hits mereka  "Flowers Rock", "Brand New Days", "Boom Boom Boom" dan banyak lainnya, performance mereka sangat memukau kerumunan penonton yang datang.

FTIsland memecahkan beberapa rekor diJepang akhir-akhir ini. Menjadi kelompok artis luar negeri pertama yang menjadi peringkat pertama di Oricon chart mingguan untuk album pertama mereka, mereka juga mengadakan tur konser di 5 kota dengan terjual habis, diikutidengan konser solo mereka di Budokan,dimana tiket semua habis dalam waktu 2 menit * .

Di sisi lain, FTIsland akan mengadakan konser solo diAx-Korea pada 20 Agustus dan 21 Agustus mendatang. Setelah itu,mereka akan memulai tur Asia mereka.

[Picture] JKS at MEN’S NON・NO (メンズ ノンノ) Sep 2011 issue (Japan Magz)

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credits : as Tagged

[News] JKS to star in Seok-ho Yun’s new drama

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Indonesia translate : chochocherry 

Very happy news that JKS will be starring as the male lead in renowned director Seok-ho Yun’s new drama “Love in the Rain” (literally translated title) slated to be broadcast early next year!
With well-known works such as “Winter Sonata” under director Yun’s belt, this is surely a quality drama to look forward to, and hopefully will showcase JKS’ acting talent to the maximum and give a further boost to his career!

The relevant article can be viewed via this link.

Indonesia translated : 

Berita menyenangkan tentang JKS akan ikut menjadi pemeran utama pria untuk drama terbaru sutradara Seok Ho Yun yang berjudul “Love in the Rain” (kira-kira jika di judul di artikan) diperkirakan drama tersebutkan akan di tayangkan awal tahun depan ! 
Yang kita sudah ketahui drama seperti "winter Sonata" merupakan salah satu drama yang pernah di bawahi sutradara Yun. Jadi pastinya drama ini akan menjadi drama yang berkualitas kalau dilihat dari drama sebelumnya,dan kita sangat berharap JKS dapat mengeluarkan bakatnya dengan maksimal dan dapat memberikan dorongan yang lebih pada kariernya.

Untuk melihat artikel yang sebenrnya bisa di lihat dari link ini.