Sabtu, 19 November 2011

[Last Updates] JKS trans Twitter (111114-111115)


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Tweet storm, bye cri … please don’t use my ID falsely. Goodbye, the banner is finally hung on my office building, dong dong!
爆推,bye cri..请不要冒用我的ID 再见了,我的会社的大楼终于挂上了条幅,咚咚!
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Wah.. really very sad. More than 10 times I had thoughts of withdrawing, but just a resolve in my heart will not work.. to interact with everyone, it was so easy starting twitter but now I cannot even delete it, what is this..!! As someone has said, it takes time for us to be forgotten.. I cannot control this matter of being forgotten ..
哇..真的很伤心 想退出想过十几回了 但是只是心里想退出是不行的..和大家交流 开始(推特)那么自由(容易)想要删掉却不能随心所欲了 这算什么嘛..!!正如某个人说过的 我们都需要时间被遗忘..被遗忘这件事也是不能随心所欲(你想忘记就忘记的)..
Ah, reds, you all go back home!!! Tomorrow I’ll call Twitter head office. It’s really the last tweet. Bye!!!!
啊 红色们 你们都回家吧!!!明天打电话给推特总部 真的是最后一条推特了 再见!!!!
Actor Jang’s precious videos and screencaps are being circulated everywhere. Revealing the contents of the video is a serious infringement of copyright, hope everyone notes this. Hope everyone will be an eel who can protect actor Jang’s precious works.
JKS: Report infringement online gogo
网络举报 gogo
Tomorrow, will (the news) say that JKS is angry … what an interesting world .. really, bye cri
明天又会说张根硕生气了吗…真是有趣的世界..真的real bye cri
Note : Im really sad about that news..missing prince tweets T-T

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