Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

[News] F.T. Island’s discourteous behavior forced MV filming to end early?

Credits :  Kuki News via Naver + allkpop
Via : K-idol

A complaint against F.T. Island for disrespectful behavior recently became a hot issue online.
On September 29th, the owner of a car that was borrowed for F.T. Island’s new music video shoot wrote a series of complaints about the members’ behavior and the way they treated his property. He eventually had to ask that they stop filming so that he could take his car and leave.
The man wrote, “After receiving notice that my car was wanted in F.T. Island’s music video, I rushed to the scene with a happy heart.  But once filming actually began, the singers climbed on top of the car and treated it however they wanted to, stepping on it and acting like it was some toy.”
He continued, “One member even asked me, ‘How much is this?, $50,000 USD?’, ‘It doesn’t seem like it costs much, let’s buy one too.’  Even if it’s just a used car that costs $50,000 USD, a car is special to its owner.  How could they get on top of the car and jump on it while the owner was watching like that?  I had to ask that they stop filming, took the car, and left.”
Director Kim Eun Yoo responded to the controversy on his Twitter by writing, “The members merely followed what was written in the script for the music video. We explained to the car’s owner that there was a scene where the members had to climb on to the top of the car and received his permission.  The next day, he asked for an additional fee to compensate for treating his car roughly.  Now that a picture from the scene has been leaked along with a post hating on the singers, we feel deeply disappointed.”