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[News] CNBLUE Yokohama Live Report by KBS Entertainment Relay (111001)

On October 1st, KBS popular weekly entertainment show reported success of CNBLUE last indie one man live at Yokohama arena and revealing CNBLUE activities behind the stage!

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Reporter: Here is the star who will go with us.
CNBLUE: Entertainment Relay, let’s go with us!
Reporter: Korean handsome guy band, they rocked Japan. Hot concert place,
And the street date with them. Entertainment Relay was there with them.
Follow us right now.
Here is Yokohama, Japan. Soon there will be CNBLUE concert.
Fans: Wetoriya / CNBLUE I love you. / Fighting! Love love love
Jungshin: We are still Indis band in Japan. This is the last Indis concert.
Yonghwa: I didn’t know it would be fully filled. But, sorry to say… it was sold out in one minute…
(Subtitle: 15,000 seats were sold out in one minute.)
Reporter: Sold out in one minute as soon as ticket open. Great. Really so many fans came.

(Subtitle: Rehearsal Sep. 23)
Reporter: Before they meet fans, CNBLUE was busy practicing. Their secret of popularity is this endless practice.
Jungshin: We are CNBLUE, faithful watchers of Entertainment Relay.
Man1: Then who is the MC?
Jungshin: Kim Yong Man… (former MC)
Minhyuk: You don’t know who is MC?
Man2: Who is MC?
Minhyuk: Shin Hyun Joon and Park Eun Young.
Jungshin: Didn’t you just search the internet?
Minhyuk: No. (pressed Alt+F4)
(Subtitle: Minhyuk’s quick reaction skill)
(Baseball game was on Minhyuk’s notebook. Sep.23 was game of Doosan vs. KIA. Minhyuk is a big fan of KIA.)
Jungshin: Then what time does it air? About what time?
Minhyuk: Uh….
Yonghwa: You don’t know it?
Minhyuk: Uh… What time is it.
Yonghwa: I watched rebroadcast only. We are too busy to watch the main broadcasting. I am sorry.
(Subtitle: But there’s no rebroadcast of Entertainment Relay.)
Reporter: Finally it’s time to meet fans.
Q: How do you feel facing the concert?
Yonghwa: I am shivering so much. But today, I will play hard just like I am mad.
CNBLUE: One Two Three, DA JUK JA YEH! (Let’s all die)
Reporter: With great shout, their concert began.
Just before major debut in Japan, this is their last concert as Indis. So they paid attention to the stage.
(Subtitle: Round stage rotating 360 degree!)
To show them better, round stage was built.
(Subtitle: Look, singing, performance all are perfect)
This song gained the hottest response from fans. Let’s listen to it for a while.

Reporter: You are about to debut in Japan, what is your debut song?
Minhyuk: We make debut with a song ‘In my head’. Today…
(Yonghwa hit Minhyuk then pointed himself.) Ah! Yonghwa hyung composed it.
(Subtitle: Composed by Jung Yonghwa <IN MY HEAD> )
Jonghyun: He appealed him to say it.
Reporter: We asked them to sing.
Yonghwa & Jonghyun: “Here in my head~” That’s all.
(Subtitle: Short but strong introduction of debut song)
Yonghwa: We had our first street live in front of Shinjuku subway station
Jonghyun: I prepared flyers at my acoustic guitar case for promotion. But some people threw money into it.
(Subtitle: Thankful audience who threw money)
Yonghwa: We didn’t return it to them.
Reporter: It was year 2009, even before debut in Korea. Street performance in Japan.
Jonghyun: What we learned at that time is, one person one person of fan, who come to see our performance are so precious.
(Subtitle: It was small but big stage which made them realize the importance of audience who listen to their music.)
(Subtitle: Yonghwa’s sudden action during the concert)
Reporter: CNBLUE highly regard communication with fans. Jung Yonghwa suggested instant audience wave.
They were unable to communicate with language. But their true heart did communicate. All audience became one.
Yonghwa: I was so happy, so I eagerly wanted to try the audience wave. So I started, and the wave was like a real wave! Really pretty.
Yonghwa: It was KBS! at that time.
Reporter: CNBLUE have something to talk!
(Subtitle: What are they talking about?)
Jungshin: I didn’t know I would be on the news.
(News video: Airport security check was strengthened, you need to hurry to the process )
Reporter: They were on the news. This is the news video. CNBLUE is passing through the airport security check. They were captured in the news screen.
Jonghyun: Jungshin is found in every place. People can see him anyway.
Jungshin: Why they were filming when I was being checked. It was a surprising experience. KBS fighting!
Yonghwa: Uh? It is a familiar scene?
Minhyuk: I’ve seen it a lot before.
(KBS Music bank, Jungshin forgot the rap lyric. So he accidently shouted, “KBS fighting!” )

Reporter: After two hours and a half, CNBLUE’s passionate stage was over.
Oct.19 Their major debut album is released in Japan. Dear fans, don’t feel too sorry.
(subtitle: Japanese fans are expressing their emotion of stage by their whole body.)
Q: What’s the feeling of finishing the stage
Minhyuk: I really enjoyed it. But I feel so tired now.
Jungshin: Thank you for your trouble!
Reporter: Now the concert is over, what do you want to do?
Yonghwa: We have never had free time in Japan.
Jonghyun: I believe Entertainment Relay will help us.

Reporter: We prepared free time for you. Do you like this street? We built this set last night.
Minhyuk: But this looks so familiar to certain place. I think I’ve been here before.
(subtitle: Members are excited by the free time after long time)
Yonghwa: It looks like Obotesando(?) in Japan.
Reporter: CNBLUE came back to their daily life.
Yonghwa: I try to go around secretely but…
Reporter: Like other ordinary twenties boys, they are interested in fashion a lot, and looked playful.
Jonghyun: CNBLUE’s Burning, passionate guy, Jonghyun.
Minhyuk: CNBLUE’s L, Lovely, lovely guy, Kang Minhyuk.
Jungshin: CNBLUE’s U, in charge of Untouchable, Lee Jungshin.
Yonghwa: CNBLUE’s E, Emotional guy, Emotional Jung Yonghwa.
CNBLUE: Till now we were CNBLUE! Thank you!
Reporter: We will keep expecting more great activities of CNBLUE.

Translation by @saturnkr
Video credits akfnzhyjs@youtube
Via  by A@cnbluestorm

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