Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

[Twitter Update] Super Junior Heechul tweet FT Island Hongki thank you for giving me confidence

Source: @Heedictator
Translated by vicтoяiaи☆규현 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Via : K-Idol
Reposted : chochocherry @anjell_indo

► 날 믿고 내게 듀엣 제의를 해준 홍기한테 정말 고맙다. “형 노래 잘해요!!” 라며 자신감을 준 홍기. 맞아 난 노랠 잘해. 트라우마땜에 하기싫었을 뿐이야. 랩도 쩔지. 캬캬캬캬~ 이몸은 우주다!!!!
I’m really thankful to Hongki who believes in me and proposed the duet to me. Saying “Hyung you sing well!!” Hongki gave me confidence. That’s right I sing well. It’s just that I didn’t like to sing because of a trauma. Even my rap is sick*. Kyakyakyakya~ I’m the Universe!!!!
* The verb he used has different meanings, it’s slang and when translated as ‘sick’, you have to think of it as something great/amazing/cool.

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